Business Start-Up

Strong economic growth, low startup costs, and a wealth of untapped markets make Cambodia an attractive environment for starting up a business. Starting a new business here is a reasonably simple process. The new sub-decree of the government released June 15, 2020, has made the whole thing even more straightforward. The old forty-five-day process has been replaced by the new fifteen-day-or-less registration system with three government departments: the Ministry of Commerce, the General Department of Taxation, and the Ministry of Labor.  

However, minor errors in filing documents or any step in the process may take months for corrections, and the cost can be far more than you expect. There are several forms of legal business entity you should be aware of before running a business in Cambodia.

1. Sole Proprietorship

2. Private Limited Company

3. General & Limited Partnerships

4. Foreign Subsidiary, Branch & Representative Offices

Tax services of an accountant in Phnom Penh

Here at LBC, We can tell you which business form you should take, and help you with the whole registration process from A to Z such as:

Tax services of an accountant in Phnom Penh
  • Search and register your company name 

  • Prepare Memorandum and Articles of Association 

  • Obtain Certificate of Incorporation for your company 

  • Get official stamp for your company

  • Advise on Bank Account Opening

  • Obtain Patent for your company

  • Obtain VAT Certificate for Your Company

  • Obtain the right License(s) for your business 


Tax services of an accountant in Phnom Penh

Trademark Registration

Saving your value time & minimize risk in tax compliance ...
Tax services of an accountant in Phnom Penh

Business License

Getting the wrong license can be costly and time-consuming...